Bourdon & Associés intervenes in all areas of criminal law, including general criminal law (offences against the person or property) and business criminal law (fraud, misuse of corporate assets, breach of trust, money laundering, bribery, influence peddling, collusion, tax fraud, etc.).

Whether you are an individual, a corporation or any legal entity, victim or accused, the firm will guide you, assist you and defend your interests before criminal courts throughout France: police court, criminal court, correctional court, juvenile court, disciplinary commissions.

Bourdon & Associés intervenes for its clients at all stages of the procedure: during the preliminary enquiries (police questioning, custody, judicial confrontation), the judicial investigation phase (before the investigative judge and the Investigation Chamber of the Court of appeal for any recourse), the trial (pre-trial and judgment hearings) and for all consequences (recovery of damages, enforcement of sentences and assistance with the Penitentiary administration).

Bourdon & Associés also intervenes before the European Court of Human Rights and in extradition procedures.

Privileged relationships developed with other law firms in many countries in Europe and worldwide allow the firm to defend its clients facing justice abroad, as a victim or an accused person.

William BOURDON and Bertrand REPOLT jointly run this area of expertise.


Bourdon & Associés advises its clients in all contractual matter (negotiation, drafting, execution and enforcement), whether the contracts are subject to French or foreign law.

The Lawfirm represents its clients in all types of litigation related to commercial activities, whether it concerns relations with financial and credit partners, execution of commercial or civil contracts, or actions for contractual or non-contractual liability.

Bourdon & Associés has developed a recognised expertise in dealing with technical and complex litigation, in many fields of activities.

The firm is regularly consulted to anticipate conflict situations and/or to define contentious strategies.

Bourdon & Associés intervenes before French courts but also before arbitration tribunals.

For transnational cases, Bourdon & Associés can offer to create, manage and coordinate international teams thanks to its network based on trust and successful team working experiences with many law firms abroad.

The firm also assists its clients in international recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards and foreign judgments.

William BOURDON and Bertrand REPOLT jointly run this area of expertise.


Bourdon & Associés intervenes in all fields related to intellectual property, communication, Media and Press Law.

It represents and assists its clients in all cases related to Media and Press law (libel, insult, right to reply, withdrawal of illicit content, etc.), protection of image rights, right to privacy, to the presumption of innocence and copyright.

The firm ensures legal proofreading of articles and manuscripts and assists producers, publishers and authors in the context of conflicts that may arise in their relations.

Bourdon & Associés intervenes before all French civil or criminal jurisdictions to defend its clients, as well as before the European Court of Human Rights.

William BOURDON and Bertrand REPOLT jointly run this area of expertise.


Bourdon & Associés provides legal support and advises its clients in the management and protection of their property and assets.

It represents and assists its clients in all types of litigation involving property and personal assets, liquidation of joint property or inheritance.

Bourdon & Associés regularly guides its clients in the management of their economic assets by advising and defending them regarding commercial lease and business assets.

It also assists its clients to guarantee the respect of theirs rights within the framework of the purchase or sale of real estate.

Bourdon & Associés has also developed recognised skills in the treatment of technical and complex litigation in real estate law, particularly in construction law and co-ownership disputes.

The firm also developed a solid network specific to this sector: notaries, real estate experts, architects and engineers with whom it cooperates regularly to define and implement effective defence strategies.

William BOURDON and Bertrand REPOLT jointly run this area of expertise.


Bourdon & Associés can intervene both in claim and defence, for employees and employers.

Bourdon & Associés intervenes for claimants in particular for employees who wish to obtain the annulment of their dismissal based on the violation of their fundamental rights or on the absence of real and serious cause.

It also defends employees who suffer from discrimination or harassment.

Bourdon & Associés also assists and represents employers in the proceedings brought against them by their employees.

It assists and represents its clients before the Social Security Tribunal regarding gross negligence, as well as before the Labour Tribunal and Court of appeal, on all matters related to the activities of unions and staff representatives.

The intervention of Bourdon & Associés, for employees and employers, is one of the strengths of our team which can anticipate on point of views and opposing strategies in each cases.

Bourdon & Associés can also assist any company in the hiring or dismissal process of an employee.

William BOURDON and Bertrand REPOLT jointly run this area of expertise.


Bourdon & Associés handles all types of litigation between the French public administration and a person, whether a natural person or a legal entity.

The firm defends the individuals’ interests in the field of foreigners’ rights and immigration law (obtaining a visa, application for naturalisation, etc.) but also to contest restrictive measures of freedom that are taken on the basis of the Internal Security Code (house arrest, etc.).

Bourdon & Associés also assists civil servants, permanent or contractual, in the defence of their rights against the administration and before administrative courts.

Bourdon & Associés advises local authorities as well as companies or associations in defending their projects in case of conflicts with the administration.

Bourdon & Associés intervenes before all French administrative jurisdictions, in first instance or before the Court of appeal.

William BOURDON and Bertrand REPOLT jointly run this area of expertise.


Bourdon & Associés assists all healthcare professionals (doctors, dental surgeons, or any other practitioner), in defending their rights and interests before disciplinary chambers, in first instance as on appeal.

In close collaboration with the healthcare professionals, Bourdon & Associés defines the best technical and legal approach to defend the practitioner.

Bourdon & Associés defends practitioners during procedures initiated by a patient, the health insurance fund or the Order which the practitioner belongs to.

William BOURDON and Bertrand REPOLT jointly run this area of expertise.


Bourdon & Associés provides its clients with recognised expertise in defending civil liberties and fundamental rights before the European Court of Human Rights.

Bourdon & Associés assists and represents its clients, from the filing of the application to the hearing of oral arguments if any.

William BOURDON and Bertrand REPOLT jointly run this area of expertise.

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